BREG Orthopedic Soft Braces and Supports

Brace up with BREG at Braceup.com BREG offers a wide range of premium orthopedic, reconstructive and postoperative products for the shoulder, knee, ankle, wrist, and elbow.

ShortRunner Knee Brace by BREG.
ShortRunner Knee Brace by BREG
A hinged knee brace that offers comfort, stability and a full range of motion. The ShortRunner hinged knee brace is ideal for mild-to-moderate medial and lateral instabilities of the knee. The ShortRunner combines low profile polycentric hinges with a full range of flexion and extension control.
  Bregs Flagship Hinged Knee Brace | RoadRunner
BREG RoadRunner Hinged Knee Brace
The flagship product of BREG's hinged knee soft goods line, the RoadRunner is a versatile, intermediate knee brace that is ideal for mild-to-medium Grade I knee injuries. The RoadRunner can be used in a wide variety of daily activities. Available in wraparound version.

PTO Knee Brace by BREG.
PTO Patellar Tracking Orthosis
The PTO is a unique design that not only normalizes patella tracking, but also controls knee hyperextension. It is the only knee brace on the market that works “dynamically” as patient goes through gait. It adjusts to whatever ROM is necessary.
  Breg Patella Stabilizer Knee Brace.
Patellar Stabilizer Knee Brace by Breg
BREG’s Patella Stabilizer is effective for treating patellar tendonitis and chondromalacia. It offers a sewn-in tubular inferior buttress for mild stabilization of the patella. Effective knee brace for chondromalacia and patellar tendonitis.

Tennis Elbow Strap by BREG.
Tennis Elbow Strap by BREG
BREG’s Tennis Elbow Strap is ideal for tennis elbow injuries. This strap offers flexibility, while maintaining the necessary amount of stabilization. Pull-on forearm band, with neoprene and additional padding for added comfort. Ideal for tennis elbow.
  Hex Elbow Brace by Breg.
BREG HEX Elbow Brace
BREG’s newest upper extremity elbow brace that sets a new standard in soft elbow braces. This unique three-in-one elbow brace manages range of motion, controls migration and prevents hyperextension. The HEX Elbow Brace achieves all three benefits with an extraordinary level of comfort for the young athlete, Pro Bowl linemen and weekend warrior.

Ultra XT Ankle Brace for Indoor and Outdoor Use.
Ultra Ankle XT by BREG
Excellent ankle brace while playing on indoor or outdoor surfaces. The Ultra Ankle brace product line was the first on the market to prevent rotation and inversion forces. Indications are: High ankle sprains, Syndesmotic sprains, Grade 2 and 3 ankle sprains.
  ABL ankle brace for chronic ankle instabilities.
BREG ABL Ankle Brace Lock
An excellent alternative to taping the ankle. Perfect for chronic ankle instabilities. The wraparound style makes the ABL easy to apply. The body of the brace is made up of a breathable, stretch nylon/lycra weave making it ideal to fit inside a volleyball or soccer shoe. Two no-stretch stirrup straps provide support against inversion and eversion.

Breg shoulder stabilizer.
Shoulder Stabilizer by BREG
A functional shoulder brace that offers exceptional shoulder support without sacrificing function. It is indicated for stabilization of shoulder dislocations, subluxations and global shoulder instabilities. It is most commonly used in football, hockey, lacrosse, and soccer.
  Breg SlingShot Shouder Support
BREG SlingShot Shoulder Immobilizer
The Slingshot is the first true universal arm and shoulder immobilizer that allows 10 to 15 degrees of abduction. The Breg™ Slingshot provides immobilization for bankart repairs, rotator cuff repairs, capsular shifts and other shoulder instabilities.

Neutral Wedge Shoulder Support by BREG.
BREG'S Neutral Wedge
BREG’s Neutral Wedge positions the arm in a natural state of external rotation, while adding the necessary tension to the anterior capsule following anterior shoulder dislocations or Bankart lesions; thereby reducing the recurrence of future injuries.
  Slingshot 2 shoulder sling
Breg SlingShot 2 Sling and Abduction Pillow
The BREG SlingShot 2 is a comfortable sling and abduction pillow that holds patients in internal rotation and abduction. Indicated for post rotator cuff repairs, anterior repairs, global shoulder instability.